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About Roarsaur

We're donating 1$ from each product sold to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC!

Roarsaur is a family project sprung out of some loose talk, complete ignorance, and a commitment to follow-through. It is sustained by a belief in the quality of our products and pride in our work.

When our daughter's requests for art materials and equipment exceeded what we thought appropriate to provide to a 9 year old, we proposed a solution "raise the money yourself." But, how can a kid raise money during a pandemic? As adults, we had a great answer to that one, too. She could turn her art into products to sell online.

And so, with no idea what we were getting ourselves into, we agreed to help set up this store.

In truth, the time and money invested in launching may have shut us down long before we opened up, but each time a product sample arrived we were re-energized by the friendly humor of the designs. Plus, being the dad with the coolest shirts waiting for the tae kwon do class to end is not without value. I can see the other parents sneaking looks and smiling under their masks.